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Going Green on Your Next BRP Experience : 5 tips to respect nature

Are you a powersport adventurer looking for eco-friendly ways to enjoy outdoor activities? If so, this blog post is for you! We’ll provide eco-friendly advice to help reduce your footprint while enjoying the great outdoors. From respecting wildlife to packing out trash, these friendly tips will help you enjoy your adventures with a clear conscience!

Respect Wildlife

When you’re out on an outdoor adventure, it’s important to respect the wildlife that calls the area home. Make sure to keep your distance from animals and if possible, avoid areas that are sensitive to human activity. Remember, you’re a guest in the animals’ home – treat them with respect and admiration!

Turn Off Powersport Vehicles When Not in Use

When it comes to eco-friendly outdoor adventures, one of the best habits to have is to turn off powersport vehicles when they’re not in use. This helps reduce fuel consumption and can also help protect sensitive habitats from noise pollution.

Pack Out Your Trash

It’s all too easy to leave behind litter when out on an outdoor activity. To help reduce your eco-footprint, be sure to pack out whatever you bring in. This includes anything from food wrappers and water bottles to disposable foil packets. So don't forget to bring a bag to put your garbage in and identify the bins on the trails where you can dispose of it properly.

Avoid Single-use Plastic

Single-use plastic items are one of the biggest offenders around, so it’s important to avoid them when you’re out on an adventure. Bring reusable items such as cups, utensils, and containers with you to help cut down on the amount of plastic waste.

Try Reusable Hand Warmers

Reusable hand warmers are a great eco-friendly way to stay warm on outdoor adventures. Not only do they provide reliable heat, but they’re also lightweight and easy to carry. Plus, you don’t have to worry about disposing of single-use items. Our favorites are from the Quebec company Hot Poc.

We hope these eco-friendly tips help make your outdoor adventures as green as possible. What is your best tip for taking care of the environment when playing outside?

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